Car Locksmiths Dagenham

Car Key Cutting Services in Dagenham

Keyhole Kate’s are not just your typical emergency locksmith who are on call to get you in your home should you loose your house keys or need an emergency lock installing to your home. They have a physical shop front where they perform endless key cutting services. With over 10,000 different keys in store to make sure they get exactly what you need they can guarantee to get you a spare cut whilst you wait. It does not stop here as they have the specialist equipment to perform laser car key cutting right in front of your eyes in their store based on the borders of Dagenham.

Laser Key Cutting

Laser car key cutting is a task which most locksmiths just cannot perform due to the equipment and special training required to make sure the key is millimetre perfect. Most modern cars require a decoding service which we can offer to make duplicate car keys on site. This service alone is one of the very reasons Keyhole Kate’s are recognised as the leading auto locksmith in Dagenham and Romford.

Lost Your Keys?

Should you find yourself in a very different position where you find yourself with no car keys having misplaced them or left them in that safe place you cannot remember Keyhole Kate’s are on hand with a solution. Most people will look to call out their recovery company to try and gain access to their car when they loose there keys however these companies do not have the expertise that the team at Keyhole Kate’s do. Our small team of auto locksmiths can gain access to 99% of vehicles at the roadside meaning they can get you back in your car straight away.

Are Your Keys Locked in Your Car?

Find yourself with your keys locked in the car? do not worry as when the auto locksmith gains access to your car they will cause no damage to the locking mechanism leaving your car as it was perfectly locked every time. This again is a service not offered by most locksmiths in and around Dagenham as it takes years of training to get to know the locking mechanism of each manufacturer. With a strong team of not only highly trained but highly dedicated auto locksmiths on hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week you truly are in safe hands with Keyhole Kate’s.

Contact Keyhole Kate’s for Automotive Locksmith Services in Dagenham

If you’re looking for a car locksmith, look no further, here at Keyhole Kate’s we offer a range of auto locksmith services in Dagenham and throughout the surrounding areas. Whether you’ve lost a key or one has snapped in a lock, then our team of fully trained and highly skilled auto locksmith will be on hand to help. As proud MLA Locksmiths, we ensure a professional and efficient car locksmith services are provided.

When you’re in need of a car locksmith, you’ve found the perfect locksmith, be sure to give Keyhole Kate’s a call on 020 8983 8194.

Follow this link to the MLA if you are trying to find a auto locksmith.


Dagenham Auto Locksmith FAQs


What does an auto locksmith do?

Our Dagenham auto locksmiths are able to provide a vast range of car locksmith services, covering everything from replacement keys to gaining access to your car. When it comes to needing an auto locksmith in Dagenham, be sure to get in touch with Key Hole Kate’s and we’ll dispatch one of our team to assist.

Do you use original key blanks?

Unless otherwise stated, we always use original key blanks. In some cases due to dealer restraint if original key isn’t available we will use aftermarket keys, but you will always be informed of this beforehand.

I’ve lost my car keys what should I do?

If you’ve lost your car keys, then one of our car key locksmiths will be able to make you a brand new key for your car. To carry out key replacement for your car we’ll need the 17 digital vehicle identification number and some form of identification. Our car locksmith will then be able to provide an on-site re-keying service for your vehicle.

I’ve been told that only a main dealer can cut and replace car key, is this true?

This is something that many main dealers would like you to believe. We have a range of state of the art equipment that is more than capable of providing you with a new key for your car. The service our car key locksmiths provide to customers throughout Dagenham is also much more affordable.

How much do your auto locksmith services cost?

We price all of our auto locksmith services on an individual basis, to ensure our customers only pay a fair amount. The cost of the car locksmith service you receive will depend on the exact service you require, how much time is spent carrying out the work. There is a possibility the price will rise if the call out requires more work than what is first thought.

If I have locked my keys in the car, would your car locksmith be able to help?

Our team of mobile auto locksmiths are more than capable of handling any type of of vehicle re-entry, should you have locked your keys in your car or any other issues. We use a range of non destructive techniques and tactics to help you gain access to your vehicle. We would only force entry to a vehicle should there be no other option and this would only every be carried out if your permission was given. Most key replacements for cars can be carried out using non destructive techniques.

Do you only offer auto locksmith services in Dagenham?

No in addition to covering Dagenham our team of mobile auto locksmiths are also able to cover several other areas including Romford and a number of other surrounding area. Should you be in need of an auto locksmith, be sure to give Keyhole Kate’s a call and we’ll be happy to see if we can assist.