If like many of us, you’re looking for home security ideas to ensure that your home is safe, let Keyhole Kate’s help. As professional locksmiths in Dagenham and Romford, we’re here to make sure that your home is safe and secure. From protecting your assets and values to you and your family, we’re here for you. Having offered our locksmith services in the local area for many years, we know some simple tips and tricks for protecting your home. That said, come and check out our latest home security ideas…

Home Security

Ideas for Home Security

Whether you’re new on the property ladder or have owned a home/homes for many years, it’s always good to stay ahead of the game. From ideas for home security to feeling safe at home, we have everything you need. Below, you can discover our ideas for home security, and then enforce this within your property too.

  • Invest in CCTV
  • Make sure you always lock your door and windows
  • Leave lights on when you’re not in
  • Ask someone to keep an eye on your home
  • If you’re going on holiday ask someone to check in
  • Don’t make it obvious or publicly known when you’re away from home
  • Use your security alarms
  • Look after your keys, if you misplace them replace them (the locks)

When it comes to finding a ‘locksmith near me’, Keyhole Kate’s are for sure the professionals to call on. We have all your needs covered for home security. So, no matter if you’re looking for some new ideas or security ideas that’ll improve your security, we’re here for you. Our home security ideas are here to help all homeowners across the UK. Regardless of where you’re based, we hope that our ideas for home security help to you to feel safe at home.

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Home Security Ideas

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Knowing the tips on how to secure your home not only improve your home security, but helps to make you feel a lot more safe too. Keyhole Kate’s have put together some simple and easy-to-do tips to help you feel more at home and safe both alone and with company in your home. Although we are experts in security, Keyhole Kate’s still appreciate how some people may feel when they are home alone or first moving into a new property. To help both existing and future clients feel safe and secure in their own home, we have put together ten top tips for home security. Please take some time to discover more on our top ten tips and how they can benefit your home situation for the better. There’s no need to thank us, it’s part of our job!

1. New Home?

If you have just moved into a new property, it’s always advisable to have the locks changed to prevent the previous owners having access to your home. At a small cost, you will be able to protect your family, assets and property knowing that no one has access to your home who you haven’t authorised.

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2. Even if You’re Not In, Make It Look Like You Are

A common mistake made is leaving the house, without leaving a television or light on to show you’re still in. Even if you are out during the day, sometimes even the sound of a television can scare off a burglar. If you plan on being out for a long period of time, it’s always best to leave a light or television on, or make a fake presence to your home known to anyone who may be looking to take advantage of a empty property.

3. Lock and Close all Windows

Having a window open in the hot weather is not a problem, but forgetting and leaving it open or unlocked can be a small mistake that leads to huge problems. Once you have finished having your window open, don’t forget to close it and then lock it. It’s a simple job that will be extremely beneficial in the long run.

4. Keep Your Doors Locked Even If You’re In

To avoid possibility of a burglary or someone coming into your home without permission, just lock the doors behind you. This will therefore mean that you are not leaving any doors up to access, so the only way into your property is with force. So whether you’re in with company or alone, always make sure you have your doors locked to avoid any unwanted guests. It’s a small job to do to lock your doors, and is definitely not worth the risk of a burglary.

5. Set Timers on Lights or Televisions

If you’re not in your home, always make it look like you are through using lights or televisions which have timers set. This way, there will look like there is someone in your home through having the lights or noise of the television on. Especially in the evening and night, having something to show that there is someone in, can easily deter any potential burglars from going into your home.

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6. Going on Holiday?

Just because you own your own home doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to travel or go on holiday. But the key to keeping your property safe whilst you’re away is making arrangements to have someone house watch your property or maintain the appearance as though someone is still there. In a previous blog Keyhole Kate’s have put together some tips and advice for going on holiday this summer and the kind of procedures you should complete in order to keep your property safe and secure. For example, having a neighbour park on your drive to make it look like you’re still there, or collecting post and stopping the post or milk man from delivering whilst you’re off in the sun.

Going on Holiday this Summer?

7. Never Leave Your Keys Lying Around

Keep your keys in a safe place when you’re out and about and at home, this will therefore keep your keys away from the eyes of any opportunity takers who may swipe your keys. Not only that, you are just putting another step in place to ensure your home stays safe and secure and nobody can access your home who you haven’t invited. Try to keep your keys out of sight of windows, doors and even in the door as this can catch the eyes of people outside your property who may force their way in.

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8. Only Give People Access to Your Home You Trust

Along with leave your keys out of sight, you should only ever give people access to your home who you trust. This could be simply inviting them in or giving them a set of keys. You have to be completely confident that you could trust this person with the access of your keys. Allowing people into your home is difficult, they’re your friend, neighbour or family member, of course you trust them but always be that little bit cautious of who comes into your home.

9. Consider/Use a Security Alarm

House security alarms are great in many ways, the two most beneficial is that they can deter a burglar if they see the alarm, but if the inevitable does occur, at least people will know. So by setting your security alarm, be it when you’re not in or at night when you’re in bed you know you can sleep peacefully knowing you have the right level of protection to your home. After all, no one ever chooses to be burgled, so to have a high level of security to your home will only ever put off burglars, hopefully leading them to go elsewhere. It’s never a nice thing to be burgled or someone to gain unwanted access into your home, but by having security set in place you most definitely are protecting your family and yourself.

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10. Protect Your Vehicle and Shed Too!

Not only is your property worth securing, your vehicle, shed or any other outside goods are too! So it is best to protect your vehicle or shed by either locking the shed after every use or locking your vehicle in the garage. Small precautions like this can be very handy into ensuring you keep your goods safe and protected. It is also advisable to keep your belongings hidden away and out of sight of your vehicle or shed.

Protecting Your Car with Keyhole Kate's

Keyhole Kate’s hope that our 10 top tips help you in protecting and securing your home. So if you are looking for a solution to upgrading your current home security, please feel free to browse through our range of security services, key cutting and locksmith services. If you have any questions in relation to our services or for any further information on what we do, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Keyhole Kate’s today! We look forward to hearing from you and hope that our tops really do help you when upping your home security.