Laser Key Cutting & Car Keys throughout Dagenham from Keyhole Kate’s

Keyhole Kate’s are not just your local emergency locksmith covering Dagenham and Romford but also have a heavily equipped store based on Rowellen Parade, Dagenham for all key cutting services. Many people take key cutting for granted as a simple process however so many smaller operations struggle to cope with the mass variety of key options. Over the past 35 years Keyhole Kate’s have expanded their knowledge and machinery to cope with the high demand of key cutting from all over the county of Essex.

Highly Specialised Key Cutting

In stock every day of the week we have over 10,000 different keys ready to be cut according to your existing key, this means regardless of shape, size or quantity we have the framework here to make sure you walk out with the perfect cut key every time. Not only do we offer simple key cutting we are also one of the only locksmiths to offer laser key cutting which means should your key no longer be available we have the highly specialised equipment on site to perfectly laser cut the key. You will not walk out of Keyhole Kate’s without a key even if it means making a brand new one from scratch.

As we try to expand our range of key cutting services we have invested heavily in the equipment needed to help people have replacement car keys cut and coded as well as being well know Auto Locksmiths. Loosing a car key is very different to that of a house key and requires a specialised cutting service supplied by very few locksmiths in Dagenham. We have undergone all of the training required to get almost every make and model of car key cut whilst you wait getting you access back into your vehicle. Although this is a complex process we have the experience and machinery to tackle the most complex of laser car key cutting.

The types of keys we cut include…

  • Office keys
  • Desk keys
  • Door keys
  • Mortice keys
  • Locker keys
  • Filing cabinet keys
  • and many more


Locksmith Services

Our Dedicated Key Cutting Team

Keyhole Kate’s also have a dedicated team of commercial locksmiths who not only help gain access to commercial properties and office furniture such as filing cabinets but also have the ability to cut office keys for the same problems. Should you need a set of office keys for staff or cleaners we will cut them on site here at our Dagenham store. Should you need additional keys for filing cabinets or cant get access due to a lost key get in touch and one of the team will visit your commercial property to get access and leave you with a set of new keys.


I am finding it difficult to turn my key in the lock, why?

This sounds like your key has worn down, this tends to happen overtime and will result in your key no longer fitting in the profile of the lock. It’s important to try not to force the key as it may break in the lock. Make sure you call Keyhole Kate’s who can diffuse the issue by cutting a new key or taking a look at your locking mechanism.

Is it possible to get new keys for a padlock?

Yes it is possible, however you must know the key number. The key number is stamped on the original keys provided with your lock, if you don’t know the key number, it is still possible, but it will be carried out by a locksmith taking an impression of your lock. If you know the key number then you can order the keys from a locksmith.

My keys are stamped with ‘do not duplicate’ and ‘reg design’, what does this mean?

This means that the keys are part of a registered design and can only be copied if they come with a letter of authorisation by the original key and lock provider. This applies to restricted key systems.

My key doesn’t work in the lock, what should I do?

In the very rare occasion that your key doesn’t work, then simply contact Keyhole Kate’s who will be more than happy to provide assistance and a replacement key.

Why choose Keyhole Kates?

At Keyhole Kates, our dedicated team of locksmiths have the abilities to provide services to a number of key cutting requirements. Should you require a spare set of keys, or should you have lost a set, there’s no need to worry, look no further, Keyhole Kate’s have you covered.