At Keyhole Kates, we’re always looking for new ways to increase your security, from business premises to your home, your security is our priority. We can help to make sure that you and your family always feel safe and secure in your property, so we have put together some outdoor security tips to help. We hope that you find this advice help and that implemented these ways help to both protect your valuables, property and family. Completing these simple tips will help you reduce your risk of getting burgled. At Keyhole Kates our main goal is to keep you safe and secure.

We believe that your outdoor security is just as important as your indoor security, with this in mind it’s important to start protecting your valuables and family today, so make sure you read through our top tips. Here, you’ll learn some of the things you can do to help improve your security and create a deterrent to any unwanted guests. One of the things you can do is to set up a CCTV and security system in place, if they see that you have CCTV, they’re more likely to go elsewhere.

Top tips for your outdoor security

Keyhole Kates would like to run through some top tips for outdoor security with the homeowners in Dagenham. It’s become known that having high level of security is an important asset for homeowners. To help introduce, utilise, and structure your security system in the most beneficial way, we’ve put together some tips. The knowledge and experience we have in the area has enabled us to learn a lot about the security industry, and where there can issues with home security. To avoid this from happening once more, the tips we provide are designed to suit the requirements of our homeowners, as well as become a force in place to avoid any nasty surprises. We suggest that customers considered the following to improve your outdoor security…


Putting up a gate or high fence
Lock all valuables away
Window covers/blinds
Increase your outdoor lighting

We suggest that’s it’s important to consider this and that it can become a starting point for yourself. For example, we suggest that you have a gate installed to improve the level of access at your home. You can also lock away any valuables at night, such as a car, children’s toys, bikes, scooters etc. This can also be done by using a shed or garage to secure them. Should you require any further information regarding your outdoor security, simply give the team at Keyhole Kates a call. The team are on hand to deal with all of your security needs as well as being here to help protect your home.


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Should you require any further advice on how to improve the outdoor security at your property or premises, the team at Keyhole Kates are here to help. With a wealth of experience behind us, our team of experts are here to help and take care of all your security needs. Whether it’s key cutting or CCTV installations, we can be on hand to assist. So why not take the first step towards upping your outdoor security and contact Keyhole Kates for all your security needs in Dagenham. We’ll then take a look at the best solutions of security available for your requirements.

For more information on our services or to speak to a member of our team, please contact Keyhole Kates. We’re here to help you, ensuring that you’re comfortable, happy, and safe in your property. Simply get in touch today, and we will arrange a convenient time to begin your security improvements.