With social media and general internet browsing taking up lots of our spare time, you need to ensure your security is stepped up a game. From protecting your personal information to personal property, Keyhole Kate’s have some tips on how to improve your personal security. We hope that you can take some time to read up on our advice, giving you a better idea on how to improve your personal security.

Improving Personal Security

Personal security – what is it? Like home security or business security, personal security is about protecting you and your information. This could be anything from securing your information on social media and protecting who sees your profile. It could also lead to generating random passwords that are nothing to do with you and include upper and lower case letters with symbols. The first step to improving your personal security is understanding what it is, so let’s begin…

Improving Personal Security

From mobile numbers to email addresses, holiday snaps to maiden names, your personal information should be yours and yours only. So whether you’re browsing the web or chatting to new people, you should always be cautious of the information you are giving out. As security experts, we believe that your personal security and information should be protected. From online security to outdoor security, you should always be aware of what you’re doing. Our advice is to be open and aware of what’s happening around you. Even online, not everyone or everything is who they say they are. Some things you should consider for improving your personal security include:

  1. Don’t give out your personal information, passwords or email
  2. Password protect your mobile, laptop, tablet etc.
  3. Assess your security settings on social media
  4. Don’t give out too much detail about your personal life
  5. When you’re not home, don’t make it obvious
  6. Create passwords that are random and include symbols etc.
  7. If you don’t trust it – don’t do it
  8. Avoid walking alone and down dark streets
  9. Don’t leave valuables or belongings laying around
  10. Be careful when using ATM machines


Advice from Keyhole Kate’s

Now that you have learnt ten tips on improving personal security, we hope that you have some ideas to step up your security. This advice from Keyhole Kate’s should put you in a more positive position on how you can improve your security. These simple precautions can put your security as a whole in a much safer place and will avoid any nasty surprises. Things like having a strong password setup will give you a better level of security with your information. This blog post may not have been locksmith related, but we hope this advice has given you some thought on how you can improve your personal security.