When it comes to commercial premises like offices, they are a big target when it comes to burglars, as they tend to know that during the evening the premises may be unoccupied and also they tend to be situated in remote business parks and out of town locations. On an evening these large business parks become almost dead as all the occupants have left for the day which leaves them open wide for burglars.

Things to consider for potential office break-ins

A lot of offices tend to have numerous weak spots that burglars will find easy to exploit by a burglar, such as large glass entrance foyers, rows and rows of windows, rear fire doors and flat roofs with sky lights. It’s the office equipment which makes most offices a tempting target for burglars. Although, even though it still is used, the PC is gradually being replaced with laptops which can either be taken home by the user or more commonly left in the office to charge the battery. In some cases laptop trollies are also used which can store and charge anything, from ten to well over a hundred laptops, so they’re something well worth breaking into the building for. Especially when you consider how easy laptops can be to store and sell on. Many offices utilise a computer network which is run by a mainframe/server computer. They are fairly expensive to purchase and can cause catastrophic consequences for business owners, especially if the information held on it is highly sensitive or of a financial value, such as banking information of customers.

Other equipment which is likely to be stolen is company mobile phones, I-pads and electronic note books. When taking this into consider, it seems that the average domestic property offices really can be treasure trove of easily transportable and valuable electronic goods. Lots of offices also have store rooms which are crammed full of ink cartridges which are another very expensive consumable. Several hundred ink cartridges could easily fit into one holdall and they’re also relatively simple to sell on. Some offices will also have amounts of cash located somewhere, this comes in the form of petty cash and can sometimes amount to several hundred pounds.

Lock Changing with Keyhole Kate's

How to secure your office

Securing your office is vital especially when taking into consideration the number of vulnerable areas that will need some kind of physical security. The best thing you can do it identify the weak areas that are at risk first hand. This means carrying out a security risk assessment and deciding what can be achieved whilst keeping the costs down. It’s important to try and make it as difficult as possible for a burglar to gain access to the building. Take a look at the likely areas a burglar will attempt a break in, if it’s a large office with lots of windows then the best thing to do is to create a secure area with in the building itself. It’s probably best in a room that has no windows and that’s preferably not on the ground floor. Locksmiths can ensure that the doors on this room are fitted with the best types of locks, they can also be on hand to provide assistance, should anyone try to access your premises and cause damage to it.

Ensuring the security of a large glass entrance lobby can be a task and a expensive exercise. It may be a better idea to secure the doors that lead into the offices and sacrifice the reception area.

Security tips

As well as the above, there’s some other things that can be done to ensure complete security in your office. Such as reinforced doors and locks and CCTV Installations, when it comes to a big commercial premises, it’s also a good idea to have a locksmith on hand, like Keyhole Kates,  we provide emergency locksmith services and will make sure you can get into your property no matter what.

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