Advice on Securing Your Home From the Outside

Keyhole Kate’s are huge supporters of home security, as it’s one of our main services. So in this month’s blog post we have dedicated it to providing tips for outdoor security. We hope that our advice is informative and provides you with a few ideas on how to protect your home in a more efficient way, starting from the outside in. Whether it be something as simple as CCTV or touch screen pads to protect your home, Keyhole Kate’s are the team you can always rely on.

5 Top Tips for Outdoor Security

We have 5 top tips for outdoor security that we hope will help open your thoughts on how you can deter a burglar. Not only that, you will need to think like a burglar in order to make sure your home is completely protected from any risks of being burgled. If you can beat the burglar, you’re putting yourself and home at a much better chance of staying protected that little bit longer. To stay ahead of the burglar we have 5 top tips…

  1. CCTV covering your premises
  2. Lock away all expensive or important items (i.e a car, bike etc.)
  3. Consider getting a gate or fence around your property
  4. Increase the lighting – consider purchasing a garden flashlight to deter burglars
  5. Window coverings – try to cover windows around your home to stop people from looking in – especially when you’re not home

No matter if you’re thinking about upping your level of home security or starting from scratch, Keyhole Kate’s have you covered. Our team have been working with homeowners across Essex for over 30 years now and know exactly what it takes in order to fulfill their needs. From installing CCTV to changing the locks, we’re here to help no matter what. If you wish to speak to a professional regarding your home security, please feel free to get in touch with Keyhole Kate’s.

Protecting Your Home with Keyhole Kate's

Home Security Services

Having worked across Essex for over 30 years now, our team have all the experience and knowledge to deal with any security request. From prevent burglaries to protecting valuables, Keyhole Kate’s guarantee to have the right home security service for you. Our skillful team will be here to help cater to all of your needs, be it advice and support or providing our home security services. So if you’re thinking about upping your home security, the team for the job should always be Keyhole Kate’s. We don’t disappoint!

Call us today to find out more on our services or to book a service from ourselves. Our team will do our best to help you in anyway possible. We look forward to working with you soon to begin the process of increasing your home security.