It can be agreed upon that one of the most frustrating first world problems is getting locked out of your own house if you’ve misplaced your keys or forgotten them somewhere like at work or home. Another major problem is getting your new home’s locks made. A third one can be changing the locks in case a break-in has occurred. What do all these problems have in common?

The trouble of finding a Locksmith. It’s not exactly a walk through the park to find a locksmith, regardless of what reason you need him fore. Both literally and figuratively, so reading this article will help you prepare for such a situation, in case it ever arises. Here are ten tips to find a reliable locksmith for your services from the team at Keyhole Kate’s.


1. Start looking for one as soon as you get a new lock

If you’ve just moved into a new house, it’s best that you start looking for a locksmith right away. Look for a local locksmith on the internet and make sure you get your locks done as soon as possible. Make sure you tell them to make a spare key as well, just in case.

2. Do some background research

Once you find a locksmith nearby, start digging up the internet and asking a few locals about the reliability of the service. You wouldn’t want sub-par services for something like this because it is a matter of your house’s security.

3. Avoid call centre locksmith services

It’s best that you personally look up a reliable local locksmith than approach a call centre for availing services. These call centres usually contact any random local service and send them to assist you. You might want to personally ensure that the locksmith working on your locks and doors can be trusted.

4. Ask your neighbours

It is entirely possible that someone among your neighbours must be aware of a trustworthy locksmith. You can even ask them for the contact number of their preferred locksmith. In the instance anything occurs, your neighbours might also be able to help.

5. Locksmiths do more than just Locks and Keys

You might want to find out what kind of task the locksmith you’re considering specialises in. There are a number of things Locksmiths can do other than just locks and keys and a lot of them specialise in certain tasks so in case you’re looking for a specific task that needs to be done, you can approach a Locksmith that specialises in it.

6. Ask for identification

When the locksmith arrives at the door, make sure you ask them to show a visible proof of their identity. Most of them have identity cards from the place they work for. Licensed locksmiths happen to have a Master Security License Number provided for identification purposes, which is usually visible on their vehicle and identity card.

7. Get a written estimate of the fees they’ll charge

It is entirely possible that your locksmith gets away with overcharging if you do not take a written estimate. When it comes to a locksmith’s job, they should, in most cases be able to provide an estimate on how much it should cost you once they’re done reviewing the situation.

8. Avoid paying by cash

All licensed businesses nowadays take credit cards or debit cards. Make sure you don’t pay cash so that in case you need to trace your transaction, it is possible to do it.

9. Build a relationship of trust with your locksmith

If you think you’ve found a locksmith who can be trusted in the long run, make sure you build a relationship of trust with them, so that they can come to your aid whenever you need their services.

10. Get Spares Done

For every key, they makes, make sure you ask that they make spares. It is important that you have a spare key of your house and any important rooms/safes on you at all times, just in case something happens.


If you’re looking for a locksmith in the Essex area, be sure to choose Keyhole Kate’s our team will do our best to help in whichever way possible.