Covering Dagenham & the surrounding areas

Keyhole Kate’s are experts at gaining entry using non destructive methods where possible with a prompt and reliable service Throughout Dagenham & Romford. We have a small team of UPVC lock specialists on hand throughout the county to gain safe and quick access to any UPVC door or window unit. With the increase of UPVC doors on homes throughout the entire country there has been a noted increase in people needing access to these types of units. UPVC locksmith services are very different to that of a standard locksmith gaining access to a wooden door for example. The way the lock is built within the unit is very different and requires a UPVC lock specialist with years of experience in this type of lock to gain access.

Here at Keyhole Kate’s we guarantee to leave you secure after we gain access as we have experience in almost every brand of UPVC locks available on the market today. Should you be looking to replace your lock on this type of unit we have hundreds of options to choose from including Yale, era, & mila to name just a few covering almost every major brand.

What to look out for in UPVC Locks

Some key things to be looking for when it comes to UPVC locks starting to fail would be loose door handles or stiff door handles. This would be an indicator that the units are becoming worn and may need some attention. We offer a UPVC Lock Specialist repair or door servicing package for our customers in and around Dagenham & Romford. If you see any of these issues it is advisable to give us a call sooner rather than later as we can generally service the door and fix any issues before the problem becomes a complete unit replacement. By noticing these issues in advance and acting speedily, issues such as the door catching when opening or closing and stiff operation of the door handle can be repaired in a cost effective manner saving heartache in the long run.

UPVC Locksmith

At Keyhole Kate’s, when it comes to UPVC locks, you have come to the right place. Our team have a wealth of experience in the area and specialise in ensuring our customers receive a safe and secure service. So for more information, please contact our team today.



What are UPVC locks?

UPVC door lock mechanisms are usually found in residential homes and are most likely locks on the front and back door. They’re also popular when it comes to French and patio doors. At Keyhole Kate’s, our team of professional locksmiths have a wealth of experience and can consider a number of solutions when it comes to your UPVC door lock mechanism.

My UPVC door key won’t turn?

If your key won’t go all the way into the lock, or it does not turn, this is usually down to the euro cylinder failure, it’s a simple repair job and will involve this part of the lock being replaced. This usually happens when the lock is worn down, or a cheap lock has been used, the key may have been left on the inside and operated from the other side, making it out of sync, or just general wear and tear.

The UPVC door won’t open?

If the key goes into the lock and will turn, but the door still won’t open, this is a sign that the multi point lock has failed or the security bolt is jammed. The reasons for this fault include the door and frame being out of alignment, the UPVC door handle may have been forced up the lock which could have broken the mechanism. General wear and tear of the door being slammed quite often will also have this effect.

My UPVC door won’t close?

This tends to be a common problem usually caused by the stroke receiver for the latch not being adjusted properly, or it may have been loose for a long period of time before being set correctly, the door trim rubber may also have moved and is not sitting properly or could be stopping the door from shutting correctly.

Should I require a replacement, do I need a key to replace the lock?

Having a key tends to be a requirement when it comes to changing a UPVC lock, as when replacing the lock, the key will require being turned and lined up to help remove the original mechanism.