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Locksmiths Dagenham & Romford

Our Locksmith services include key cutting, security and emergency!

Keyhole Kate’s has been one of Dagenham and Romford’s leading locksmiths and key cutting stores for over 38 years. Proud members of the Master Locksmith Association, Master Locksmith and fully licensed for auto locksmith services you can tell we mean business. Created by one of the founders of the MLA, Keyhole Kate’s plays an active part in maintaining this national association.

Keyhole Kate’s has become an iconic shop on Rowallen Parade and is one of the longest standing shops in Dagenham. With so much heritage behind us and reputation for outstanding customer service for all aspects of our locksmith services, we are proud to continue the Keyhole Kate’s reputation into the next generation.

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Security Services

customised for you

Keyhole Kate’s has a wide selection of security and locksmith services offered not only in Dagenham, but throughout Romford and the entire Essex county. After 35 years experience in gaining entry to hundreds of homes throughout the county, we have seen almost every type of lock, door, security system and intruder alarm available on the market.

Never has one single security system stopped us from getting into a property. With that being said, who would be better to advise on a new security system or CCTV installation than the experts in breaking and entering?

Security services here at Keyhole Kate’s are one of the largest cores of our business as people not only require us to gain access to their property, but to secure it against future break-ins. This is something we are more than happy to do.